Friday, August 10, 2012

August GNO! Card Kit

An easel card, wrap around rosette 
card and folded circle flower card.

A three-dimensional flower card and a pencil
made from Rolo's or Mentos and a Hershey's Kiss

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just a few things I love about my guy... (revised from 2010)

- he calls me beautiful...even when I'm not so beautiful
- he irons my clothes
- he has sparkly, blue eyes
- he fills my cup with marshmallows, a Hershey's kiss...then puts in the hot cocoa
- he wrestles with Luke, Adi and Paislee...all at the same time
- he has lots of beautiful white hair
- he yells, "Where's my girl?" when he walks in the front door
- he is an excellent golfer
- he goes to girl-type stores with me and doesn't complain
- he learned how to make lemon pound cake because it's my favorite
- he doesn't just give "piggy back" rides, he gives "bucking bronco" rides
- he gets embarrassed because he tells me he loves me so much
- he shovels the snow before he goes to work
- he finished our basement by watching You Tube videos
- he is honest
- he has deep conversations with me about "The Real Housewives..."
- he cooks and bakes for my card-making classes
- he loves my family
- he sings me silly songs about how much he loves me
- he tells me I smell good
- he squeegees the shower door after he showers
- he is gentle
- he scratches my back
- he repaints the basement when I tell him I hate the color...which I picked out
- he believes in me
- he likes to grocery shop
- he thinks I'm cute when I read out loud and do all the voices
- he brings me a taste of whatever he's cooking
- he always remembers to take out the garbage cans on garbage day
- he gets as excited about decorating the house as much as I do
- he makes me laugh
- he thinks I'm funny
- he smiles really big when he sees me
- he makes homemade bread
- he looks me in the eyes and smiles when I sing to him
- he goes to chick flicks with me
- he likes to snuggle
- he tells me that I'm good and that he wants to be like me
- he loves hanging out with our grandkids as much as I do
- he knows how to forgive
- he has a "Lesli" playlist on his iPod
- he is familiar
- he brings me my own little bowl of cookie dough when he makes cookies
- he answers the phone, "Hello, beautiful girl!" when I call him
- he makes heart-shaped and bunny rabbit pancakes for the grandkids
- he listens to me...even when I ramble on about nothing
- he makes what's important to me important to him
- he colors my hair when I can't afford to pay someone to do it
- he is a really good kisser
- he calls me "sweet girl"
- he returns things for me when I decide I don't want them
- he likes my friends
- he fills my car with gas
- he holds my hand
- he is perfect for me...